3 steps to plan your Fall dream garden for fruits, berries, and vegetables

By Green Philly (other events)

Tuesday, August 10 2021 12:00 PM 1:00 PM EST

Fall is perfect for planting fruits, berries, and vegetables. So why wait until winter to dream up your edible oasis? Join pro gardener Chris Mattingly to learn three essential elements to planning a successful garden, and what you can plant through the fall. 

The workshop will feature a live Q&A, and opportunities for continuing the conversation with free consults offered to interested Green Philly attendees. 

This workshop will help if want or have a garden, but…

  • You don’t know what’s true on the internet
  • You don’t have much time
  • You want to get it right the first time
  • You value aesthetics as much as functionality
  • You’re building strength and resiliency
  • You’re creating a balanced and connected lifestyle for you and your family
  • You want to grow ALL THE THINGS
  • You have a garden that things die in. 


Workshop host

Chris Mattingly is owner and Founder of Backyard Eats, which designs, installs, and maintains attractive and functional gardens that yield high-quality produce in your own backyard. Mattingly fell in love with planting and nourishing homegrown greens, and became an advocate for growing food, a passion that has impacted his life and the life of the employees and clients that make up Backyard Eats.  

Mailing Address

915 Spring Garden Street Suite 216 Philadelphia, PA 19123